Department of Anesthesiology

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Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care is a department that is as important as other departments even though it is regarded as a given department by department sokongan.Perkhidmatan covers aspects of perioperative and critical care needed by the departments involved with surgical procedures.


1. The main services offered are giving anesthesia for elective surgical cases and emergencies. Thirteen theaters (including 3 operating theaters in the ACC), 3 Ortho Theatre, Public Theatre 5, 1 Eye Theatre, 1 Theatre Maternity that are currently used for this purpose.

2. Rapi/3B Care Unit has 16 beds (including 2 Bilek Isolation) and ICU/7C has 6 beds bringing the total overall ICU beds is 22 beds. There is also a High Dependency Unit 3A HDU which has 8 beds (Ventilated), 4A Spinal Care Unit where 4 bed (Ventilated) and Ward 8B where 4 bed HDU (Ventilated) and CCU wards which 4 bed (Ventilated). The overall total is 20 HDU beds (outside Ventilated ICU)

3. Due to the ICU, at present is not sufficient and can not accommodate additional patients, then proposed to the Ministry of Health to make the ICU, HDU 3A second.

4. Other supportive treatment as "Acute Pain Service", "Labour Epidural Pain Service".

5. Anesthetic Clinic.

6. Services "Pain Management Clinic"


Head of Department       : JUSA B(M) 1 orang
Expert UD54 10 orang
  UD52 2 orang
  UD48 5 orang
Medical Officer               : UD44 14 orang
Assistant Medical Officer  : U32 2 orang
  U29 7 orang
Head Nurse (ICU)     : U32 3 orang
Head Nurse (GOT)    : U32 3 orang
Nurse (ICU)              : U29 81  orang


1. Incident Reporting

2. POMR (Post Operative Mortality Review )

3. National Audit ICU .


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